According to old Japanese literature, there has been a culture of keeping midaka in Japan since around 1800 and enjoying them as an ornamental species.
Since that time, the enjoyment of pursuing changes in the expression and fixation rate of midaka through crossbreeding has spread to other people.
The enjoyment of creating medaka of one's own choice by selecting and mating males and females according to one's own sensibilities seems to have spread.
Later, around 1900, midaka became obsolete due to the advent of goldfish.

In the 2000s, however, the birth of the Youkihi, created by an enthusiast, led to a full-fledged midaka boom in Japan.
The beauty of Youkihi, which had never been seen before, was accepted by the modern Japanese people, and it became a popular species of Japanese midaka.
It became the spark that ignited the current midaka boom in Japan. Furthermore, the appearance of the Miyuki variety has changed the conventional values and concepts of midaka and has made the concept of improved midaka more modern. The concept of "improvement by midaka" has taken root in the modern world. It is truly a fusion of the history of midaka that dates back to the 1800's and the modern man.

Since Miyuki's appearance, the evolution of improved midaka has been progressing at a tremendous pace, and new varieties are being born every year.
The number of medaka enthusiasts has continued to increase over the past 20 years, from the advent of the renewed medaka boom to the present day.
The current midaka is truly a Japanese art form.
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309-2-1-2 Uenohara Yahatanishiku Fukuoka Japan.