Tomomi Tomatsu


Born in Saitama, Japan in 1978. improvement Medaka and gardening shop "Hanagoya"owner. It has been active since the dawn of improved medaka, and has created many original varieties, such as the first production of internal light medaka. I let youtop breeder.Even now, aiming for new expressions of medaka, we are steadily breeding, and at the same time we hold competitions, workshops He actively participates in events such as spot sales and strives to spread improved medaka.

Kazuki Onoda


Mr. Onoda, the representative of "Medakaya Savanna".The shop is run in partnership with the buyer, Mr. Shibagaki.He started raising medaka when he was 6 years old.We mainly breed lame-type breeds such as "Cactus" and "Blue Moon". In July 2023, the new medaka “Neptune” will be on sale.

Toshiro Teraoka


We operate a fish farm in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. I have been a breeder for 4 years. The vinyl house is 91 feet.

Yusuke Nomura

Oukou Medaka(Pride)

This is the largest medaka fish farm in Nagano Prefecture. The vinyl house is 62 feet long.

Tatsuaki Hirashima

NIDO-Nagoya Medaka-(Pride)

I was born in Kumamoto Prefecture and moved to Aichi Prefecture for employment after graduating from high school. Originally, I worked in manufacturing and sales, but I started keeping medaka as a hobby, and now I have opened a fish farm and spend most of my days with medaka. We have about 70 varieties of medaka, from the newest to the oldest and most popular, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Yuki Kikuno

climb Medaka(Pride)

We breed killifish in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, where there is beautiful spring water. We are breeding mainly tricolor and Asuka Orochi, as well as original six-colored and various other species.

Toshio Ito

Hozuki Medaka(Pride)

"Tsurusaki Yang Kwei" is a killifish that I have produced through successive generations of red Yang Kwei and it won the first prize in the Yang Kwei category at the Japanese breeders' show held in October. It is one of the best red killifish in Japan.

Kenta Kanda

Koharu Medaka(Pride)

We mainly breed original individuals.

Hiroyasu Miyazaki

Kurushima Medaka(Pride)

It is the largest fish farm in Oita City, Oita Prefecture, and has been featured in the magazine Aqua Life.

Hiroyoshi Sakaki

GK hiro Medaka(Pride)

We are focusing on "Blue Eye" and "Goshiki".

Yoshinori Umemoto

Souwa medaka(Pride)

Medaka comedian from Kyushu. Also known as "God of Salt," he is very popular among killifish lovers for his salty pose. He is also a talented breeder and has been featured in the magazine "Medaka Hyakka.

Kazuma Hyodo

Hana medaka Osaka

Born in Osaka, Japan. After graduating from university, worked at a financial institution for 8 years. Enthralled with breeding improved medaka, he retired in September 2022 and opened "Hana-Medaka Osaka" in Osaka City. In September 2023, he opened "Tokyo Medaka Base" at the knee of Tokyo Sky Tree, which is still open. We are also in the process of selling medaka in Korea under the name of "Hana Medaka Korea". It is his policy to always bid on the highest quality killifish, breed them, and sell them. The winning bid of "Red Cliff Kohaku" last year was 3 million yen, which has not been surpassed by anyone yet.

309-2-1-2 Uenohara Yahatanishiku Fukuoka Japan.